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Book Cover Design
(some thoughts and helpful ideas for new authors)  
The book design process, despite what anyone in the small and independent book publishing arena might tell you, is much like designing any other print advertising instrument.  Just as a business owner hires a designer to create print advertising to promote his/her newest product, you, as an author, are doing much the same thing when you select a book cover designer to create design to promote your latest book.  Contrary to some opinions expressed on this subject, there are no rules that cannot be broken, secret formulas, indispensible gurus, “can’t fail cutting-edge strategies” etc., when designing any type of print advertising artwork.  With that said, there are some basic principles that drive the successful appeal of any book cover design in the same manner that they drive the successful appeal of any other print advertising instrument.

It is no secret that any product that appears appealing in its package on the display shelves or in a print advertisement in a magazine, for example, is going to initially draw the attention of the consumer to a greater extent than that of the same product packaged in a plainer or less appealing package.  The same principle applies in general you design a book cover, “try to make your cover appealing to the prospective reader.”

A second basic principle that applies in general to the creation of print advertising instruments such as product packaging is
“try to communicate the scope of the product clearly and effectively to the prospective consumer.”  When a designer is making cover for a book, this can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Often, the title or cover text captions can go a long way to facilitating this process.  The book cover artwork can then amplify, enhance, or elaborate on, what the title and cover text tells the reader about the contents of the book’s interior and often the cover artwork can help impart the book’s significance, value, utility or potential enjoyment to the reader, as well.

If you can apply these two basic principles effectively in creating your book’s cover, you are taking an important step that can greatly enhance the potential for your book’s success.  Having said that, no amount of packaging glitz or seemingly magical graphic effects will serve to drive “word of mouth” sales  for your book.  Only the value, appeal, or enjoyment that your book’s content imparts can help achieve this.  Other important steps are generally necessary for the relatively unknown author (if not all but the most successful author) to achieve success with his/her book, as well.  A well designed cover coupled with other important components of your book marketing campaign, such as book reviews, signings or public readings, television & radio advertising or appearances, print or internet media campaigns etc., offer the best path to sparking “word of mouth” sales momentum.  At the end of the day, however, the book’s content is still the most important driver for its ultimate success or failure financially.

A Professional book cover designer can help you establish a tone and a vision for your book’s cover in an initial discussion/ consultation of your project.  From there, its usually the designer’s task to transform that consultation into an appealing book cover suitable for your book.  If you know exactly what you want created, or have very specific design concepts, images, storylines, graphic effects that you want incorporated into your book cover be sure to communicate these requirements to your book designer at the outset.

Generally speaking, “less is more” for most book cover concepts.  If you absolutely require, for example, an elaborate hand painted depiction of your book’s content or message, this will undoubtedly take a great deal more time and expense to create.  Moreover, such an undertaking probably won’t be the most effective use of your book marketing campaign budget and may only serve to enrich the designer who accepts the commission for designing your book cover.

Maintain your focus on the entire book marketing campaign before you at all times.  If we can help you with designing your book, please select and pay for the service you want online and we will contact you accordingly.  If you want to order by phone, or have additional questions you may call our phone number listed on most pages of our website (serious inquiries only please).

Best wishes for the successful launch of your next book!