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Tips On How To Customize Book Interiors And Covers
To new authors  launching or thinking of launching a project to create and publish a book, we offer a few thoughts and ideas to consider as you begin your design project:

1)  Consider organizing book ideas into an outline, table of contents, or storybook, so that you can establish the scope of
     your work.  Consider what is unique in your approach to the subject or message.  Remember that the book design process
    should ultimately, package your unique message into custom book covers and interiors that help you capture the reader’s
     interest and continued attention.

2)  Always consider the audience you are addressing from the initial book concept through the design and implementation of your
    book marketing campaign.  Consider carefully how you will approach each phase of your book project.

3)  Don’t be afraid to challenge your initial writing ideas or efforts... that’s why they call it a 1st draft.  At the same time, be careful
    not to get caught in the potential trap of seeking perfection endlessly.

4)  Seek feedback from family, friends, colleagues and experts as warranted or applicable, but be careful in establishing a
     consensus regarding the quality or value of your work.  Opinions solicited hastily from a narrow cross-section of readers may
     or may not be valid, especially if those opinions are solicited before your work has matured beyond an initial chapter or two, or
     the opinion sampling is not representative of your target audience.

5)  Consider thinking both large and small in terms of your expectations for the success of your book project and plan your
     designs and book marketing strategies accordingly.

6)  If you intend to self publish, review the vendors you select for book cover and interior design, as well as book
     marketing and distribution carefully.  Make sure they can customize their techniques and approaches to meet your project’s

7)  Remember that the small and independent book publishing arena is a business at the end of the day.  Assess all of the
     information and advice you receive along the way as you develop your book project in that context.  Consider developing
     practical strategies that are within your means, while at the same time striving for a high quality product worthy of your efforts.